The 2004
restarts with 5 accomplished musicians.

After more than 30 years of Jazz Trad, played with success all over the world ( Usa, Australia, South America, Europe, etc) the is back again.

The group with 5 musicians each playing different instruments,offers the opportunity of achieving new sounds weather soloing or in collective playing and, last but not least,
new musical arrangement.
The repertoire changes from classical jazz tunes
of the twenties, distinguished by collective, improvisation of the front-line, to the more melodic
american music typical of the thirties.

pays particular attention
to the elaboration to the elaboration of "hot" arrangements of tunes like Night and Day (1932),
I get a kich out of You(1934) and others wich today are part of more contemporary jazz styles
The sound of the orchestra is sweet and naif when tunes like Just a mood (Benny Carter) are played, but can be wild
and roaring as in Harlem Bound or Ring dem Bells (Duke Ellington).

The rhythm section plays without drums, centred on the bass tuba of Claudio Nisi, sometimes even without piano when Mauro Porro is playing the "C" melody sax or the clarinet.

The front line can be organized in different ways:
2 clarinets + cornet
2 saxes + cornet
trombone+2 saxes


Claudio Perelli
alto sa, soprano sax, cornet, clarinet, voice, arrangements & transcriptions

Andres Villani
baritone sax, alto sax, flute

Mauro Porro
piano, "C" melodysax, tenor sax, clarinet, celesta,
arrangements & transcriptions

Luca Sirianni
tenor banjo & guitar

Claudio Nisi
bass tuba front-bell

Helmut Schlitt (
+ sett 2005)
cornet, trombone, band leader


Jazz critics unanimously consider as one of the best European Jazz bands.

It began in 1970 at the Grouse Jazz Club of Milan, with a program that offered the classic types of Jazz: stomp, rag and blues.

they are surely the unquestioned protagonists of traditional jazz, these are the people who have written the best pages of early jazz; is a testimony to this, and owes a huge gratitude for many of these pieces that have made them celebrities, and other less known pieces that are absolutely invaluable for originality and elegant style.

Over the years has developed a strong and particular interest in San Francisco Jazz.

has discovered its own affinity with the " Yerba Buena Jazz Band " and sound of Lu Watters and Turk Murphy, authoritative expressionists and fundamental points of reference for the " San Francisco style ".

What's it about?

It's a phenomenon that certainly stands out in the history of jazz, it aims to present the inherited traditional jazz from the masters of the old school but transformed in a new manner: Lu Watters and Turk Murphy revived this style under the new light of New Orleans jazz - famous for the genuine archaism with the vein of melancholic poetry - with the careful treatment of the arrangements, the polyphonic vigour, the spectacular resonant impact.
These aspects - which demand remarkable musical and instrumental preparation - characterise the originality of this style, rendered still more unmistakable due to the effectiveness of the rhythmic sound, " two-beat "; with the tuba and the banjo emphasising the beat.

For the fascination with the " San Francisco Style " meant the beginning of a turning point: a new musical style that focuses on the expressive potential of the instruments, through which the group assumes their own ideal appearance. 

This perfect choice of musical style was confirmed by the participation of in, not only the "Sacramento Dixieland Jazz Jubilee " but also the " Palm Springs Jazz Festival ", (Events to which no one is accepted if they don't posses a mastery of this musical style);

The therefore has an expert ability to combine the typical expressive language of San Francisco Jazz with swing; this is the true reason behind their prestigious acknowledgement in the national and international jazz scenes.


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